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How to apply beard oil and style your beard

This is beard porn

Oh my…

I seriously need to try this


Wowee wow wow.

"I need you to mute all the monologue…"

I could write about how I decided to go back to school and get a second degree in an effort to make something of myself. I could also write about how most mornings I wake up kind of regretting that decision. Then there’s the fact that I’ve had all these funny observations regarding Blue Ivy’s future playmate and how Kanye is sort of a prophet (But really though, the lyrics of “Celebration” kind of saw this coming). I could mention that since last fall I’ve developed an addiction to Family Feud— and I don’t even like Steve Harvey? Oh, or how today’s the end of my spring break and that blows.
Why did I go back to school again?
Actually, I don’t really want to talk about any of that.
You know what we should talk about?

I mean…

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Michael Fassbender

Good God.

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The Cupcake ATM

This automatic cupcake machine dispenses freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, apparel and even cupcakes for Fido! In the heart of Beverly Hills nestled between Sprinkles Cupcakes and the brand new Sprinkles Ice Cream, 24 Hour Sprinkles will be continuously restocked day and night with a variety of freshly baked cupcake flavors.

Why is this not in NYC?! (Please bring us the baguette ATM too while you’re at it.)

While I don’t fully get how this will work, I’m still super jealous that California gets to experience this. Sprinkles you’re more than welcome to bring one (or twenty) of these to Miami.


If only.



salted caramel and candied bacon ice cream sandwiches.

Me + This = Us.

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‘Place De Choix’ by Knoepfel & Indlekofer for Vogue Paris, May 2010

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I want you little one. 


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popsicles and champagne…. yes please!

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