I don’t think there is anything I wanted more in my adolescent life than to be in a Gap commercial.

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T. Rex

Title: my god is the sun Artist: queens of the stone age 4,507 plays


my god is the sun // queens of the stone age

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Tame Impala, Prototype (OutKast cover)

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Fat Joe

“The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)”

Jealous One’s Envy

(Relativity, 1995)

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Title: Kill And Run Artist: Sia 10,375 plays


Sia - Kill And Run

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Ben Folds Five, Battle of Who Could Care Less

I’ve had the Whatever and Ever Amen album on repeat for a couple of few weeks now without knowing that the 16th anniversary of it’s release was just a few days ago. I’m really grateful for its existence.

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"I need you to mute all the monologue…"

I could write about how I decided to go back to school and get a second degree in an effort to make something of myself. I could also write about how most mornings I wake up kind of regretting that decision. Then there’s the fact that I’ve had all these funny observations regarding Blue Ivy’s future playmate and how Kanye is sort of a prophet (But really though, the lyrics of “Celebration” kind of saw this coming). I could mention that since last fall I’ve developed an addiction to Family Feud— and I don’t even like Steve Harvey? Oh, or how today’s the end of my spring break and that blows.
Why did I go back to school again?
Actually, I don’t really want to talk about any of that.
You know what we should talk about?

I mean…

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“Let’s all have a beautiful year, let’s get this money.”

- Rick Ross on 2013

Seeing 2013 through Rozay-colored glasses.
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New Year’s Eve, Studio 54, 1978.