Title Fight - Blush / Receiving Line (Live)


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BANKS, Brain

I want to both thank and blame theoisjonesing for getting me hooked to this song. He posted the video up a little while ago and I’ve lost track to the number of times I’ve listened to it since.

Side note: It’s apparently been 6 years since I abandoned LiveJournal to bitch about nothing on Tumblr.. Boy does time fly when you’re reblogging gifs and inspirational quotes.

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Samuel L. Jackson prevents confusion. [context]

It is a basic human need that everyone wants to
live a happy life. For this, one has to experience
real happiness. The so-called happiness that one
experiences by having money, power, and
indulging in sensual pleasures is not real
happiness. It is very fragile, unstable and fleeting.
For real happiness, for lasting stable happiness,
one has to make a journey deep within oneself and
get rid of all the unhappiness stored in the deeper
levels of the mind. As long as there is misery at
the depth of the mind all attempts to feel happy
at the surface level of the mind prove futile.

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JC Chasez, Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)

I’m dedicating Friday morning to neglected boy band members. JT is the only *NSYNC member who really gets any [musical] attention (and due to an undying fangirl loyalty, he was also a part of my AOL password from 1997-2001), but I think people slept on JC Chasez. His solo efforts were pretty good—well, this song was pretty good—and now he’s giving choreography critiques next to Lil’ Mama, which is a shame. One could say his career trajectory is tearin’ up my heart.
No? Ok.

Edit: Apparently he’s started a girl group called Girl Radical?

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Walt celebrated his 52nd Birthday at Denny’s, so we’re celebrating the return of Breaking Bad. Will you be watching?


Vintage Travel Posters: Impossibly Glamorous Beach Vacations

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11 Stars Who Just Get How to Be a Celebrity

Being a celebrity doesn’t seem hard, but these are LITERALLY the only ones who get it.

the fall

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You’re still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the fuck you want.

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Some people just know how to mess up your day, man.

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